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  • Hi Molly,Thank you ever so much for offering that feedback, you have mentioned the areas I need to work on. I’m currently in the process of having some rapid prototype models made for people to test. Incorporating the brail was an original idea, it now looks like I should definitely consider re-designing it into the concept. The […]

  • Hi Guys! My name is Oliver Brunt, I’m an Industrial design student at Northumbria University. I’ve been fortunate enough to get one of ideas through to the final of a national design competition. The brief was inclusive design; try and create a product that works for many users. It would be great if anyone could give me […]

  • Hey, Just wondering how well this worked? It does look like a fantastic bit of kit. I’m an industrial design student, and I’m currently doing a project regarding something like this regarding hand rehab, and hand care. I’d just like to enquire how well it worked? I’d love to streamline something like this to be worn as […]

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