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  • I have to love this because its the only thing that keeps me walking.I suffer from severe foot drop and this device helps massively – it takes a lot of effort out of walking. I obtained this unit via NHS trust – […]

  • Ok so ‘love’ is a bit of a strong word when it comes to a urine bottle – but needs must. With xmas approaching and visits to friends and family and therefore different bathrooms it would be easier to stay in my […]

  • This is due to launch June 2012 – its much cheaper than the IPAD – rumoured to be about £150. Most of all it’s light and with my weak wrists I will be able to carry it upstairs. It’ll be great for surfing the internet, downloading music and books etc. Watch this space my friends.

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    Hi Ollie It worked well – the downside was that it was impossible to put on with one hand (no use in other hand) – i know wounded soldiers use it at hedley court. the trick with rehab is to keep using it – tried a similar one with Bioness but cost of it was […]

  • tempted with getting a mens pair – I love my clothes but sometimes have to give in to wearing track pants (boo hiss ) 2 questions – are they easy to pull up and they only come in long – is the length ok?

  • ThumbnailI suffer from severe foot drop – and i currently wear a wired’ foot electrical stimulator’ to help me walk. This device has wires and connectors which is not great for me with limited dexterity. Hail to the ‘wireless’ Bioness system. It looks a lot better and has no wires – a big plus point. Again […]

  • ThumbnailOk – so it looks like something The Terminator would wear – but anything to help me extend my curled up digits is fine by me. I hope to be trialling it shortly. Its not the prettiest looking of products but I hope it will teach me to grip again. The Saeboflex is a rehab tool […]

  • ThumbnailMe and my kitchen are never the best of mates – call it a male thing – but this product makes my life much easier. It is nicely designed in simple white plastic with a big blue button – PRESS HERE. It tackles tins of most sizes . When a tin has that ring pull i […]

  • Right this is not going on my keyring! I go to the O2 stadium quite a bit and noticed they operate disabled toilets that are only accessed by a RADAR key – so I ordered one from the internet. The key a is massive chunk of metal that is capable of causing internal injury should […]

  • Is it a knife or fork? Being inspired by the current chicage pizza advert (i’m as shallow as a puddle) i found a more resilient version on ebay. With limited dexterity in one hand i was fed up asking people to cut my food up. Being an independant chap i hated the way it made […]

  • OK – so it’s not going to win any design awards – unless you’re willing to part with £110 for a dyson hand held, but this little invention has helped me enormously. The amount of times i’ve cursed when i’ve knocked over the sugar/salt etc and had to get out the huge dyson to clean […]

  • Makes 1 cup of delicious coffee or tea at a time. Inserting the t-discs is very straightforward – even with limited strength or dexterity. No lifting heavy kettles full of boiling water – and as it boils water for one cup i’m saving the polar bears from extinction as well.
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