Myco Swivel Bather

I currently don’t have a level access bathroom and last year an OT supplied me with a Myco Swivel Bather that fits across my bath so that I can sit down & have a shower. I think the principal of these is good. That you can sit down and swivel round and either shower yourself or be assisted to shower. I’ve worked with many people that find them useful.
For me though I find the swivel lock hard to use with my weak & numb hands.I can’t swivel the chair safely myself as it’s so heavy.
The seat is not confortable or apparently ergonomically designed.
The metal parts are rusting already and it’s really hard to keep the whole thing clean.
It’s also not an attractive piece of kit. It looks like a plastic garden chair and only comes in hospital white :(
As an OT I appreciate that function/practicality are really important. I’ve never been keen on these devices though. Hard for user and anyone assisting to get to grips with.
Time someone came up with a new version – after all bath lifts have evolved. Any good suggestions for an alternative?