Text size and contrast:

Above the Accessibility link to the right hand side of the main menu/navigation bar you will find three letter A s of differing size and a black box with the words High Contrast in yellow.

Text size:

Click on the different sized letter A s to change the text size accordingly.


Click on the High Contrast box to display the site in high contrast colours (black background with yellow/green text). Once you have clicked on the High Contrast button, you can return the site to normal contrast by clicking on the Normal Contrast link in yellow that will have replaced the High Contrast button.

Web accessibility:

Did you know that all modern browsers allow you to change the default text size? You probably did but if not, you can make browsing for all sites easier by increasing the default font size. Google’s Chrome web browser allows you to also set a default zoom level, which means images and other content will be zoomed in to the level you set automatically.

Computer accessibility:

On Apple computers there are a host of accessibility features available in System Preferences under Universal Access. You can enable various options for text to speech and screen display that make using all programmes easier. Universal Access is also available on iOS devices.

On Windows PCs you can access similar options in the Control Panel under Ease Of Access Centre.

Additional info:

Visit the My web my way website produced by the BBC in partnership with AbilityNet for more information on how to make the web easier to use. It’s based on AbilityNet’s original My Computer, My Way site. The site includes a range of useful how to guides explaining a range of ways to help improve accessibility.


The Enabled by Design website is very much a ‘work in progress’, so please do let us know what you think! What works well and what could do with some TLC? Good or bad, please add your comments here and let us know how we can improve things. For anything related to the accessibility of the site, please add your comments by using the reply box below. Thank you! : )