Tonight’s the night…

I know it’s a Friday night and some of you won’t take too kindly to being told to sit in front of your telly box when you could be out on the town having a laugh. But that’s exactly what I’m going to recommend you do, or at least make sure you press the record button!

Jonathan Ross

So what on Earth can it be that’s so important, I hear you ask?!? Nope, it’s not the good old Friday night staple, Jonathan Ross (AKA @Wossy), but you’re getting close. Just switch over from BBC1 to BBC2 at 9pm and you’ll find out exactly what I’m talking about…

Yes you’ve guessed it, it’s a programme called ‘Are you having a laugh? – TV and Disability’ (AKA ‘The Token Wheelchair’) produced by markthree media and narrated by David Walliams.

Kate MonaghanLast week at our “We are Enabled by Design” event held at the Design Museum, we were lucky enough to be joined by its producer, Kate Monaghan, who talked about how disability has been portrayed on television over the past 50 years and her inspiration for the programme.

I’m particularly excited about this programme, as it goes a long way to help dispel the ill-informed stereotypes often used to describe people living with a disability. Whatever happened to people being just that, people?!? This is a real bugbear of mine and markthree media have done a grand job of cutting through these stereotypes by holding up a mirror to them and showing everyone how ridiculous they are.

Unlike some people’s misconceptions of disability, that it’s all doom
and gloom, from the clips we saw, the programme was refreshingly
lighthearted. Yes there were points that beggared belief, both in terms
of the language previously used and people’s attitudes to disability,
but this was nicely juxtaposed with the human ability to find humour
where people would least expect it. I’d highly recommend taking some
time out to watch this programme and give it the time and attention that
it so deserves!

BBC2 – 9pm – ‘Are you having a laugh? – TV and Disability’. Miss it, miss out!

Are you having a laugh? - TV and Disability' title image