Hub-ble, bubble, toil and big ideas…

Hub, Kings Cross

Earlier this week, on Tuesday to be precise, the Enabled by Design crew met at the rather beautiful listed building that is the Hub, Kings Cross to discuss what we’ve been up to so far as well as where we want to go from here. We were lucky enough to also be joined by a very special guest – Claudia who is a member of our community and kindly replied to our recent blog post.

You can check out a photo of Claudia with the rather smiley Enabled by Design team (from left to right: Claudia, Kalv, Carrie, Andy, Lucy and Alice-just seen) here.

Unfortunately or maybe not so (I’ve never thought myself that photogenic), Dom didn’t manage to fit Alice or me into the shot. Sorry Alice! Just a quick word of advice Dom, don’t give up the day job just yet ; )

Having got the introductions out of the way, it was time to get on with the serious business of discussing how we’d like to develop our website further and the plan of action for the year ahead. So enthralled in the discussion were we, that we very nearly forgot the all important matter of tea and cake. Oops! : S

Mug of tea

Lucy, being the domestic goddess that she is, baked her Auntie Joanie’s not-so-secret brownie recipe and brought them along to the meeting for us to nibble. Yum yum! In my book they were the perfect accompaniment to a good old fashioned cup of Rosy Lee. So thank you Lucy and of course big thanks to Auntie Joanie too!

Time flew by and before long Claudia had to head off home    : (  It was truly great to have her on board and find out what she thinks about Enabled by Design and what we’re up to. To show her our thanks, we gave her a wee pressie – an OXO Good Grips Y-peeler (one of my all time favourite gadgets!) as well as an EbD pencil button – soon to be the ‘Blue Peter Badge‘ of the world of assistive equipment I’m sure! ; )

Enabled by Design badge

Thanks again Claudia, it was lovely to meet you and hear your thoughts. Make sure you keep in touch with us and we look forward to seeing you back on the site soon!

It’s still not too late to tell us what you think about Enabled by Design. We’re always open to your feedback and we’d love to hear how you think we could improve/change things for the better. If you have a quick comment that you’d like to share with us or even an essay for that matter, please do let us know. You can either tell us what you think by adding a comment to this blog post, clicking on the site feedback link at the bottom of each page or tweeting us. We don’t mind how you contact us, just as long as you do! (Carrier pigeons, semaphore, smoke signals or any other inventive methods of communication are equally welcome ; )  

Team EbD x