MS Society Awards 2009 – the results are in!

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Last week was a busy old time for Enabled by Design; kicking the week off in Brum for Naidex 2009 (all will be explained in our next blog post!) and ending with the rather swanky MS Society Awards do at the Royal Garden Hotel in Kensington, London (planned to mark the end of MS Awareness Week 2009). Not a bad week’s worth of excitement eh?

Enabled by Design was lucky enough to be chosen as a finalist for the ‘Best MS Information Resource’ for the MS Society Awards 2009. As if this wasn’t exciting enough, I later found out that I’d made it on to the nominees list for the MS Inspiration 2009 award. Yippee!

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This was my very first ‘sit down’ awards ceremony and I was all of a dither trying to decide what to wear. After all, the dress code said lounge suit on the invite (whatever that means!?! ; ) plus I’m just such a girl! Eventually my mind was put at rest, when I spoke to a very helpful MS Society bod who kindly explained that I should go for something ‘smarter than smart casual, but to leave my tiara at home on this occasion’. Oh well, maybe next time!

In the end I settled for a little black number to go with my slick, black gloss ‘stealth’ crutches, which I like to describe as the ‘little black dress of the crutches world’ – so rather fitting I thought! To go with this I opted for a flat pair of black and cream patent brogue pumps and a rather fetching set of oversized pearls. All in all I thought I scrubbed up quite nicely, even if I do say so myself! ; )

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It’s funny, I think back to when I last wore this dress at my graduation ball, which is a very long time ago I hasten to add, and marvel at how my life has taken a completely different direction. At the time I’d finished my chemistry degree and was all set to become a forensic scientist, as well as the fact that I was able to wear a cute pair of high heel wedge sandals. Things have changed quite a bit for me since then, with my MS meaning I had to give up my career and the high heels – much to my disappointment!

Despite that I’ve also experienced many new and exciting things that would never have happened prior to my diagnosis. I’m not sure who said ‘it’s not what happens to you in life, it’s how you deal with what life throws at you that counts’, but they certainly knew what they were talking about, which is why being nominated for the MS Inspiration Award means so much to me!

Enabled by Design didn’t pick up any awards this year round, but we feel very honoured and extremely chuffed to have been involved in the MS Society Awards and reach the finals. For us, the nominations are proof that the Enabled by Design community is being recognised by others and helps us to spread the word about all the great people involved in creating and sharing new and exciting ideas.

This year’s MS Inspiration Award went to the amazing Paralympic equestrian dressage champion, Anne Durham, who was diagnosed with MS at the age of 27. In total she’s won twelve gold medals, as well as countless silver and bronze. Absolutely fantastic achievements, so I feel extremely proud to be listed alongside Anne and so many other inspiring individuals!

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Photo: MS Society

A very big WELL DONE to all the winners, finalists and all those who were shortlisted too! You all deserve a big round of applause for the great work you’ve been involved in and for helping to raise awareness of and support those living with MS.

Dominic and I thoroughly enjoyed the awards ceremony and the chance to meet some fantastic people and hear so many inspirational stories. Thank you very much to everyone involved for making it such an enjoyable event. Roll on next year!