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  • This is more a ‘quite like’ than a love, but a while ago I mentioned my Gran was looking for a perching stool which was lighter and easier to carry than the bulky one she was given by Occupational Therapy, as she has poor balance when ironing etc and also isn’t particularly strong and has […]

  • These nifty and discreet little heat packs from Japan warm themselves up and are perfect for relieving muscular pain and improving circulation whilst you’re out and about. My friend gave me one to relieve bad back pain in a very looong lecture and it stayed hot all day and helped loads. Just not sure where […]

  • ThumbnailGreat for helping kids (or adults) improve fine motor skills or hand dexterity/ strength, but I also find squeezing it improves my concentration while I work! And it’s so fun – who doesn’t love putty?