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  • In this weeks Dragons Den a lady pitched a toilet riser. It fits under the base of the toilet and with the aid of a plumber and a flexible tube seemed a pretty good idea. The dragons did not agree. I dislike the […]

  • Hope all goes well for you. Look forward to reading all about it x

  • ThumbnailOK so my vacuum cleaning days are over. To be honest they had only just got started post university, where I had lived the typical student lifestyle, only hoovering on parent visiting days. I was hit by wobbly legs (Multiple Sclerosis to be precise) and gained a super efficient cleaning lady. For those who don’t have […]

  • ThumbnailLike jars I simply refuse to waste energy on opening cans…. I’d rather put the saved energy on making something nice to go with the dreaded vegetables. I got a Kenwood electric can opener last Christmas – an odd choice some might say but my partner knows me well and I do like my kitchen gadgets…. I […]

  • ThumbnailMy Saddle stool by Gecko, available on Amazon is a leg saver in the kitchen! It currently retails at £29 which is much cheaper than the Bambach saddle seat which comes in at about £300! I can now sit down whilst waiting for the microwave, scoot over to the fridge and sit down and stir my […]