poachpod & lifter

Seeing that the Easter break is fast approaching, I thought it’d be fitting to add an egg themed ‘Love’ to […]

Seeing that the Easter break is fast approaching, I thought it’d be fitting to add an egg themed ‘Love’ to the Enabled by Design website, so here goes…

There’s nothing I like more than than a good old fashioned cooked breakfast or fry-up as it’s also fondly known. For me, the all important foundation is a good poached egg, which up until recently I really didn’t have the culinary confidence to even attempt. But this has all changed since I stumbled across the poachpod while browsing in the Design Museum shop.

The poachpod is a flexible, non-stick silicone cooking tool for poaching eggs, baking and moulding, which is microwave and dishwasher safe.

To poach an egg: add a small amount of oil to the inside of the poachpod and coat evenly. Bring 1.5″ of water to the boil in a sauté pan or equivalent, reduce to a simmer, crack an egg into the poachpod  (I always crack the egg into a small glass or cup before pouring it into the poachpod to make this easier to do and remove any shell that might have crept in there : S ) and float it in the simmering water. Cover the pan with a lid and cook for 4 to 6 minutes or to the firmness that you prefer. When ready remove the poachpod from the water. To remove the egg from the poachpod, run a spoon around the edge of the egg and gently push it out.

I’ve never been much of a cook and really wanted to give it a go, although having MS means that I’m unable to stand up in the kitchen for long and my poor dexterity can make cooking tasks a real challenge. So I’ve decided to start small, finding useful gadgets along the way to make cooking that little bit easier and more manageable.

I must say I couldn’t be happier with my poachpods (sold as a pair) and I was interested to see that you can now buy a poachpod lifter to help place the poachpod in and remove it from simmering water while saving yourself from burning your fingers. Being a complete and utter poachpod devotee, I decided to buy a poachpod lifter. Although this has proven to be of some use, you have to be extremely careful when using it to lift a filled poachpod, doing this slowly and gently, otherwise the poachpod and its eggy contents can slip through the C-shaped holder causing much frustration and mess! : ( I’m keen to see if I can “hack” my poachpod lifter with some sugru to make it more stable and less likely to drop the poachpod it’s holding, so I’ll keep you posted! Otherwise, a simple slotted spoon might just have to do the job instead : )