iRobot Roomba robot vaccum cleaner

OK so my vacuum cleaning days are over. To be honest they had only just got started post university, where I had lived the typical student lifestyle, only hoovering on parent visiting days. I was hit by wobbly legs (Multiple Sclerosis to be precise) and gained a super efficient cleaning lady. For those who don’t have that option or can’t get rid of the image of a stranger knowing the way round your cutlery drawer there’s the Roomba robotic vaccum cleaner by iRobot. My friend’s Caroline and Mary owned one giving me the low down, showing me how it worked.

The Roomba is small, (about the diameter of a dinner plate) light and easily carried so that it can be moved from room to room by one hand. Pressing the clean button and Roomba navigates itself around the room. Under beds are often full of dust even in a normally clean house and depending on the height of your furniture it will clean under. Although if you are like me and find objects hidden under there, (I found a pen, a £1 coin and a sock last time), you might want to be careful as he detects big things like handbags but not small things like cotton reel. It took my friend Mary a very long time to untangle all of the cotton and pull out the reel!

We can’t expect it to have eyes just yet, even though they’ve been working on human type robots since the late 70’s!
Along with detecting things like handbags, it detects furniture and even creates virtual walls where there is a doorway. Thankfully it won’t pop out of your French windows and start hoovering the lawn! (For that you need the Robomow).

If you are the type that likes a deep clean every time this maybe isn’t for you as it’s not as powerful as a Dyson. It also, as it is round, doesn’t get into sharp corners, but then I never used to either! If, like me, you have long blonde hair that sheds easily (you won’t believe the places I’ve found them before) you will have to clean it after every room as it gets clogged up and won’t work. It is however really easy to pop apart to clean and empty. It also gets a little stuck on very long piled carpets, but then they are out of fashion at the moment…
If you are just looking for a quick run around that will clean up crumby mishaps in the kitchen then Roomba is for you. If you are looking for a replacement vaccum cleaner that does sofa cushions, the car or the stairs it’s not for you.

Although pricey at around £299, you have to remember it is doing the job for you. (More spoon saving). However the replenish packs for filters and brushes retail at about £20 (my friend buys one a year) and the new battery which is expected to last 14 -18 months costs about £60.

Think I’ll stick with the trusty cleaning lady with her ‘Henry’ for now but will definitely invest when they are able to do stairs! Failing that I’ll get a full size human like robot when they’ve been perfected!

Please let us know if you have this, the Robomow lawnmower or the new Scooba robot floor cleaner, we’d love to hear about them!