Breville Hot Cup with variable dispense

Having recently spoken to @BendyGirl on twitter about her needing to buy a new kettle, I’ve decided to dig out […]

Having recently spoken to @BendyGirl on twitter about her needing to buy a new kettle, I’ve decided to dig out the Breville Hot Cup review I wrote last year for the previous version of the Enabled by Design website. Hope you find it useful…

Originally posted: 9th June 2010

Make: Breville

Model: Hot Cup with variable dispense

I love my Breville Hot Cup so much that I’ve got rid of my old kettle. It’s ace! I’m sure I’ve mentioned before that I’m a bit of a tea aficionado and this makes brewing up so much easier.

The Hot Cup has a 2 litre capacity and dispenses hot water at the push of a button without needing to lift or tip it to pour. Move the dial to choose the right volume, place your mug under the nozzle on the drip tray provided, press the button on top and wait for it to boil. At boiling point the hot water is dispensed into the mug.

I’ve placed my Hot Cup towards the back of my worktop space to prevent any small splashes of hot water reaching me. It’s best to let the Hot Cup finish dispensing the water before moving to pick up the mug just to be safe.

I have poor dexterity and find it difficult to lift heavy items, for example a full kettle. The Hot Cup means that once I’ve filled it up I can dispense a good few mugs of hot water before it needs to be refilled again. I’ve taken to using a measuring jug to fill the Hot Cup with water, reducing the weight I need to lift. Another alternative, if possible, would perhaps be to ask someone to fill it for you. You can then make at least a few cups of tea before it needs filling again. The lid is easy to open, at the touch of a button.

One thing to note is that the Hot Cup comes with or without variable dispense. I chose the variable dispense, so that I can vary the volume dispensed to suit the size of mug I’m using. The Hot Cup has a permanent limescale filter which is perfect for living in London with its hard water.

I’m definitely a convert!