Proudly presenting the Enabled by Design-athon…

Enabled by Design-athon

Enabled by Design brings you the Enabled by Design-athon, a two day ideas and product prototyping-fest for the 21st Century.

Bringing together designers, hackers and manufacturers with the Enabled by Design community of assistive product aficionados, the Design-athon will not only hear from leading makers and hackers, but actually prototype new products that are more accessible, attractive and easier to use. Products that people (whatever their background) can have a hand in creating, tailored to their needs.

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In this two day event ( Friday 2 – Saturday 3 November 2012 at Ravensbourne ), teams will design and build prototypes that demonstrate how products can rapidly be designed and built with people for people, personalising products to better fit with people’s lives and their needs. We’re creating a movement for accessibility for the masses so that mainstream products work for as many people as possible, including those with disabilities and older people. The event will challenge people’s preconceptions of assistive equipment, showing how products can be personalised, purposeful and beautifully designed too.

During the event, we’ll be using modern manufacturing software and tools such as CNC machines, 3D printers and laser cutters as well as rough and ready prototyping with card, foam, scissors, and of course, sugru.

We’ve brought together an amazing team of partners: IDEO, the Technology Strategy Board, sugru, Ravensbourne and FutureGov to support this event and help us to explore the potential opportunities that new tools, materials and design processes might provide.

Whether you’re a designer, modeller, have an idea or itch that you want to scratch or someone with a background in health and social care, and you’re interested in making amazing stuff, then we want to hear from you. We’ll be publishing more information this week on how to get involved and what we’re doing in preparation for the Design-athon.

Speakers at the event will include Tom Hulme, Design Director IDEO and Founder OpenIDEO, and James Carrigan, Co-Founder sugru and chief sugru guru, among others, so watch this space for more details…

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