The Big Blog Backlog: Part Two


It’s day two of the Big Blog Backlog, next up and sticking with yesterday’s theme is Sidekick Studios’ Emma Metcalfe telling us about the product design session she ran at “We are Enabled by Design”.


Team EbD x

PS. A very big thank you to Emma and Charlotte from Sidekick Studios for bravely stepping forward to run our product design session, it really is much appreciated. You certainly got the crowd buzzing and it was great to see so many enthusiastic people putting their (sometimes new found) design skills into action, so thanks again!


Re-Design Challenge

Re-Design Challenge

In our ever multidisciplinary world where actresses
are designing tables and architects
are turning their hand to cars, it was as if we’d planned our session to follow
on from Wayne Hemingway and Julia Cassim’s
introductory message, ‘everybody is a designer’. We hadn’t – but it felt
smooth, perhaps that was all planned by Enabled by Design! The fact that we are a
social innovation company is perhaps a good reason to ask us to run a product
design session.

To lead us with exemplary tales from the front line of enabled
product design; sugru, The Future Perfect Company, Trabasack
and MERU enthused the floor with rapid fire PechaKucha style

Graham from MERU kicked off the session with some ace show and tell products
that have made the transition from bespoke designed care products to more
widespread use:

We heard about Trabasack‘s amazing you tube debut:

were enlightened by the personal accounts that prompted The Future Perfect
to go out and create an online enabled product store:

Having spent the
morning clocking a good amount of sugru in the room, it was a delight to hear Jane’s journey from the depths of R+D to being ‘the stuff’ which has for so many people put joy back into products:

Emma Metcalfe from Sidekick StudiosInspired by the variety of approaches to product design and by
Sidekick Studios own multidisciplined design led approach, members of the
session set about the Re-Design Challenge. Within teams of 10, small groups
chose specific approaches and generated ideas about how their product could
consider different user groups, encourage new experiences or incorporate
different functions. The teams then collected ideas and redesigned their
objects. Some designs were super serious, some were, well – shall we say
avant-garde! All  highlighted the
benefit of mixing disciplines and co-designing to find new approaches.

It was a pleasure to have such an enthusiastic bunch of designers to
work with and a testament to the fact that new approaches open our eyes to
those solutions that lurk reluctantly in the corners.

Kindly written by Emma Metcalfe, Sidekick Studios