We are Enabled by Design: With not for

Doesn’t time fly by when you’re having fun!?! And it’s already time for the next installment in the “We are Enabled by Design” video series. Right, are you all sitting comfortably? Good, then we’ll begin…

Next up is a thought provoking talk from Charles Leadbeater, who discusses the nuances between creating services with people rather than for them.

With Not For from Enabled by Design on Vimeo.

We’d love to hear your thoughts about Charles’ talk, so please do share them as a comment below. Has this made you think differently about how you do things for other people? Or perhaps you have examples of something that was meant to be done for you, but ended up being done to you?

Thank you so much Charles for taking a detour to the airport, before your trip to Florence, to join us at “We are Enabled by Design”. We really enjoyed your talk and it certainly gave us plenty of food for thought! : )