We are Enabled by Design: Design can save us all

As promised, we wanted to share as much footage and content from the “We are Enabled by Design” event, held last month at the Design Museum, as possible and here is the first installment of the video footage kindly filmed for us by Martin Cahill. Thanks Martin, your help and support is much appreciated!

So whether you weren’t able to join us for the day or you’d just like a second chance to watch the talk again, please give a warm welcome to the ever inspiring and highly entertaining, drum roll please, Wayne Hemingway. Ta da! Enjoy…

“Design can save us all…” from Enabled by Design on Vimeo.

We’d love to hear your thoughts about Wayne’s talk, so please do share them as a comment below. Has this video inspired you? If so, how? Or perhaps you have some other examples of good urban design or livability in action?

Thank you very much Wayne, we thoroughly enjoyed your talk and we were dead chuffed that you could join us at “We are Enabled by Design”! : )