Enabled by Design introduces sugru…

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This Thursday sees Enabled by Design out on location for the very first “We are Enabled by Design” event at the Design Museum, London. During this one day event we are looking to reframe the ageing and disability debate by focusing on Design for All. We’re passionate about supporting people to live as independently as possible and feel that good design plays a key role. But what happens when you already own a product that you either find uncomfortable or difficult to use? Rather than throwing it away or burying it in the cupboard under the stairs, why not have a go at “hacking” and see what you come up with…

For those of you not already in the know, “hacking” is just another word for modifying an object in some way, be it to make it easier to use, look pretty, improve its functionality or make repairs. This is where sugru comes in…

sugru uses

Sugru is a bit like modeling clay, but here’s the clever bit, it cures overnight at room temperature to become a tough, flexible silicone and is perfect for “hacking”.

Jane for sugruHere at Enabled by Design HQ we love the idea of sugru and are particularly interested in how it can be used to make things easier and safer for people to use. Which is why we’re super-excited that sugru will be joining us at “We are Enabled by Design” and running one of their infamous sessions.

So what will happen at the sugru HACKquarium on Thursday? Well, this is an opportunity for you to bring along the things that you’d like to hack with sugru to make them easier to use. The lovely Jane will be at hand to demonstrate how to use sugru and offer advice and ideas.

Saw hacked with sugru

So what will you bring with you? Will it be a pen, perhaps a key or even a cheese grater. How will you hack yours? We look forward to finding out and we’ll make sure we take plenty of photos to share with those unable to join us on Thursday.

The sugru HACKquarium will take place during lunchtime (12.50-1.50pm) at “We are Enabled by Design”. Not registered yet? The last of the remaining few tickets are available here. Hope to see you there!

Team EbD x