Enabled by Design Annual 2010

Enabled by Design Annual 2010 - front page

It’s two years since the
concept for Enabled by Design was brought to life at the first ever Social
Innovation Camp
. During this time, we’ve been keen to find a way of giving
those well-designed products that help to make people’s lives that little bit
easier the praise and recognition that they so deserve. Of course, we do this
everyday on the Enabled by Design website, but we also thought it would be nice
to pull together the best of the bunch in the very first edition of the Enabled
by Design Annual.


The Enabled by Design
team has trawled the website to come up with what we think is the best of the
best, so read on to find out who’s managed to bag themselves a prize…




Team EbD x


PS. We’d just like to say
a very big thank you to the fantastic team at Sidekick Studios for making this
project possible! So without further ado, we’ll pass you over to Mat from
Sidekick who has worked so hard to bring the Enabled by Design Annual 2010
to life…

Enabled by Design Annual 2010 - intro page

Recently, Sidekick Studios had the great pleasure of designing
the very first Enabled by Design Annual. Denise and Dominic wanted to create an
annual for their first ever
EbD event at the Design Museum in London, for which they’d managed to wangle
Wayne Hemingway and Charles Leadbeater to speak, amongst others.

The annual takes the best (and the worst) from the EbD website
showcasing “people powered products” and championing Design For All. The
design took the form of an awards book, with categories like “Must Have”,
“Household Gadget Or Gizmo” and “Lifestyle”. Some familiar products feature in
the annual: OXO‘s Good grips range and the Herman Miller office chairs to name
a couple.

Enabled by Design Annual 2010 - inner page 1

It also included a coveted “Wooden Spoon” award, but you’ll have
to pick up a copy from Enabled by Design to find out who got that one.

This was a lovely project to work on and we were more than happy
for a chance to flex our graphic design muscles for a fantastic cause.

Mat from Sidekick Studios

Enabled by Design Annual 2010 - inner page 2

Thanks Mat, it was lovely to work with you guys too! : )

decided to launch the Enabled by Design Annual 2010 at last week’s “We
are Enabled by Design”
event held at the Design museum, London. But for
those of you who weren’t able to join us, you can check it out here:

We’d love to hear what you think about the Enabled by Design Annual 2010. Do you agree or disagree with the categories/winners? Do you have any suggestions on how we can make it better? If so, please do let us know..

Don’t forget, what you think really does count! If there’s a product out there that you’d like to see in next year’s Annual, please make sure that you post it on the Enabled by Design website so that it can be nominated. Thanks!