Save the date: “We are Enabled by Design” – 17th June 2010

Spaces at the “We are Enabled by Design” event are now available! To make this a stimulating event with plenty to talk about, we’re keen to get a wide range of people taking part, including service users, designers, health and social care professionals, third sector organisations and charities. If you’re interested in getting involved either by coming along or even joining our list of supporters – we’d love to hear from you!

Design Museum logoAs promised, we’re back to tell you all about the event we’ve been working hard to organise over the past few months. It’s a first for Enabled by Design and we’re extremely excited to be telling you all about the what, where, when and why, so here goes…

Design Museum buildingFor me, the “why” is not only central to the event, but also the fundamental reason for setting up Enabled by Design in the first place. Enabled by Design is passionate about universal design and how its principles can be harnessed to make the world a more accessible and inclusive place. We want to help reframe the ageing/disability debate. So rather than focusing on impairments, we want to concentrate on people’s abilities and the products/services that can help support them to live as independently as possible, as well as making life that little bit easier and more manageable. To find out more about the thinking behind our event, read here.

So what have we got in store for you, I hear you ask! Well, we thought long and hard about finding a venue that would reflect our passion for design and accessibility. For us, the natural choice was the Design Museum in Shad Thames, London. I’veDesign Museum badge set been a member at the museum for the past couple of years, have visited a good number of its great exhibitions and talks and have to say that the museum shop is most definitely well worth a visit! I didn’t quite realise what a Design Museum groupie I’d become until I met Bob, the events co-ordinator, who recognised me from my many visits. *Blush* I think this officially makes me a design geek, a badge that I have to say I’m proud to wear! ; )

Fantastic venue, check, now all we had to do was find ourselves some ace keynote speakers and sponsors to get our event underway.

Our two keynote speakers have inspired us for quite some time now and we’re extremely chuffed and honoured that they’ve agreed to speak at our event. So without further ado, let us introduce, drum roll please: the multi-talented designer with a social conscience, Wayne Hemingway and innovation thought leader and evangelist Charles Leadbeater. Ta da! : )

Watch this space for the stories behind our choice of keynote speakers…
We’ve been super lucky to receive the support of  the Innovation Exchange as our Event Partner and Sidekick Studios, Sugru, The Future Perfect Company and Trabasack as Friends of EbD to help us make our event a reality. We’d just like to take this opportunity to say a very big thank you to you all for believing in us and getting involved to make “We are Enabled by Design” happen.

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