Bugaboo: buggies and beyond

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Late Sunday afternoon I’d settled down on the sofa, cup of tea in hand, to read the Sunday papers when I stumbled across an interesting article in the Observer about the future plans of pram/pushchair manufacturer Bugaboo.

Gwen Stefani with BugabooI have to admit I knew very little about the company, apart from the fact that they made the pushchair of choice of many a celebrity, including the likes of Gwen Stefani and Gwyneth Paltrow. But it was the talk of branching out into the design of mobility kit that made my ears prick up with interest…

This year Bugaboo celebrates its 10 year anniversary and this very milestone seems to have got its team thinking. Not satisfied with being responsible for designing the 4X4 of pushchairs, they now want to try their hand at designing a wider range of products based on the theme of “mobility for life” including not only their staple of prams/pushchairs but also the new additions of walking frames, bicycles and bags.

So what can Bugaboo bring to the mobility product market, I hear you ask? Well, to start with I would say that their previous form should hold them in good stead. They already have a proven track record when it comes to pram/pushchair design and many of their features would transfer quite nicely to other mobility products such as walking frames, wheelchairs and mobility scooters:

Bugaboo Frog

  • tough/durable
  • adjustable
  • good suspension
  • multifunctional
  • customisable 
  • multi-terrain
  • good aesthetics
  • variety of choice
  • value for money

The last point may be a bone of contention for some people, as Bugaboo pushchairs don’t come cheap. However, founder Max Barenburg is quick to point out that “the product is worth it, you get value for money”. Bugaboo products are most definitely an investment, but as long as they deliver on what they promise I’m sure that most people will not be disappointed.

Another reason for my interest in Bugaboo is their openness to listen to what their customers actually want, a trait that is very close to our hearts here at Enabled by Design. Doing this has led to a number of design developments to their prams, including improved suspension, a smaller, more lightweight version and a change in the tread of the tyres due to the rather messy issue of dog poo (yuck!).

A quick google search (yes, sad I know!) on the Bugaboo brand revealed
that earlier this year Bugaboo collaborated with Paul Frank Industries
to launch a collection of Bugaboo Cameleon prams/pushchairs covered in
fabrics featuring signature Paul Frank characters (see below). Surely this must be
a sign that Bugaboo is a fun and playful brand, just what the mobility
product world needs I say! Who’s with me?

Bugaboo collaborates with Paul Frank

So it’s most definitely a case of watch this space and Bugaboo if you happen to be out there listening, the Enabled by Design community would love to get involved in your product development, so please do give us a shout! ; )

PS. By complete coincidence (really! perhaps she read the Observer article too?) a member of our community (KatieKate) inspired by pram accessories has recently added a post to our Ideas Factory looking for ideas to design a ‘boogie board’ for wheelchairs so her friends can hitch a ride. Check it out and add your comments/ideas here.

Team EbD x