One Year On: Enabled by Design the story so far…

enabled_by_design_SMALL.jpgWow – where did the last year go?

It only seems like yesterday that we set off on our mission to change the face of assistive equipment. Although at the same time, it really does feel like an eternity since the first ever Social Innovation (SI) Camp where this whole story began.

So just in case you’ve missed out on the past year’s excitement, here’s the Beginner’s Guide to Enabled by Design and our journey so far. Enjoy!

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…” (sorry my inner geek just couldn’t resist it! 😉

Until a year ago Enabled by Design was just an idea, a work in progress. My friend and now co-founder Dominic Campbell knew all about my idea, as we’d talked about it at length for a couple of years on and off by then. By complete chance Dominic happened to meet Anna Maybank, the director of SI Camp, at a NESTA event shortly before the deadline for their call for ideas. He contacted me straight away and explained that this could be the perfect opportunity for me to put my idea out there to see what people think. 

As you’d imagine, I was thrilled and excited (although a little nervous!) when I found out that my idea had been short listed to take part. SI Camp was a fantastic experience and I felt extremely lucky to have had such a great team of designers, business bods and techies to help me develop my idea. At the end of the weekend our team presented to an audience of 200 people in the ‘Show and Tell’, pitching to a panel of judges including Yahoo Developer Network technical
evangelist Christian Heilmann, Bebo co-founder Paul Birch, and head of the Young Foundation’s
Simon Tucker. I was stunned (as well as extremely happy and proud!) when EbD was picked as the ‘project with most potential’. SI Camp was by far one of the best experiences I’ve ever had, it was a lot of hard work but a whole lot of fun too!

Team EbD.jpg
Big thanks to the original Team EbD – where this whole story began…  

Since then it’s been an exciting and busy old time for EbD. A year’s a pretty long time, so here’s a list of what we’ve been up to:

Surprising stuff – I knew that the article was going into the Society Guardian, but didn’t realise it was on the front page until I got an excited early morning phone call from my co-founder Dominic Campbell

Phew – not bad for a year’s work eh?!? As you can see we’ve had a pretty full year, but we’ve loved every minute of it and are so pleased with the progress that we’ve made!

Enabled by Design’s community is and always will be central to what we are working to achieve. We really can’t do it without you guys! We’re here to give people a voice and a place to share their experiences, ideas and views on those everyday products that make your life easier (and look good too!). Behind the scenes we’re constantly working hard to spread the word about EbD but of course with your help we could reach so many more. So, if you like what we’re doing, tell your family, friends and anyone else for that matter and together we can work towards a more inclusive world!

I’ve learnt a lot about business, technology and all sorts of other interesting things over the past year, to be brave and embrace every opportunity that comes my way, even public speaking which I’ve always shied away from. But most of all, that you really can achieve a huge amount with a ‘little’ help from your friends.

We’d just like to say a very big THANK YOU for all of the help and support that you’ve given us, we really wouldn’t be where we are now without each and every one of you!!! : )