Shoreditch Grand Prix: The results are in!

Ah, Sunday the 31st August 2008 will be a date forever etched in my mind. To many people it was just another wet and rainy weekend in London, all part of the poor excuse that was our British summer this year. But to Team EbD (Dominic Campbell, Gareth Clear and Glyn Parry) it was so much more! Our crack team of three finely honed boy racers took to the streets of Shoreditch, trike in hand, to compete in the most talked about sporting event of the year – the first ever Shoreditch Grand Prix.

OK, maybe I haven’t been completely truthful with you, when I said ‘finely honed’ maybe I meant poorly cloned – sorry guys! Of course, our heroes’ intentions were all good and extremely honourable, but I fear that they were a wee bit ill advised. Trying to assemble a children’s trike in the pouring rain an hour before the qualifiers, while nursing Saturday night hangovers probably isn’t exactly the ideal preparation for the endurance test of your life!

The good news is that Team EbD managed to get their act together just in the nick of time and make it to the starting line and the rest shall we say is history!

ITV’s London Tonight nicely captured the atmosphere, camaraderie and energy of the day:

Note: If you look very closely you can see EbD’s Dominic giving it his best shot : )

First place went to the Bash Creations team, who were sporting some rather fetching brightly coloured pants over leggings. Were these the secret of their success I hear you ask, who knows, but they were definitely in it to win it! Despite their best efforts, Team EbD only managed to scrape in at 24th place ahead of one other team (well not counting the two teams that unfortunately didn’t manage to complete the race!). Although I’ve been teasing Team EbD about their trike cycling prowess (or should I say lack of it?), I’d just like to say that I’m extremely proud of Team EbD for stepping up to the mark – thanks guys, you’ll always be my heroes!

And there’s always next year – that is if your saddle sore behinds have forgiven you by then – hee hee!

Well done to everyone involved who worked so hard to make the day such a success and so much fun, and a massive THANK YOU to everyone who so kindly supported EbD by coming to cheer us on and sponsor us! The totals have now been counted and EbD managed to raise a grand total of £146.16 through sponsorship and the trike auction held after the event. This has been put to very good use to register Enabled by Design as a fully fledged company, so we’re now very much “official” and it’s all thanks to you!