re:think – the possibilities are endless!

Photos: re:think

Last month London was transformed into an eclectic shrine to all things design as the annual London Design Festival came to town. A homage to the boundless talents of the London design community, the festival hosted 150 events over eleven days showcasing everything from architecture to industrial and graphic design.

One of the events that caught my eye was the launch of a book called re:think. The book is a compendium of ideas, illustrations and photographs in response to the simple enough question: What would you like to redesign? Well, when I say simple enough, that’s how it first seemed at least on the surface. However, after a while your imagination can run away with you and you soon realise that the possibilities are endless! And that’s exactly what the book’s research team soon found….

re:think is a fun and amusing look at how the world could be if everything and anything could be redesigned just to your liking. From a rollercoaster tube ride to Derek the Doggy-Do-Bot (a robot designed to clean up after man’s best friend has finished doing his business!). All of this may seem just a little silly, but that’s what makes it all so much fun!

And not only is it fun, but all this creative craziness got me thinking as well (dangerous I know…):

1. Just because something has already been designed a certain way, it doesn’t mean that’s the way it should always stay. The development of new products is great but sometimes redesign can be even better.

2. Design can be fun, especially when people come together to collaborate and share ideas.

re:think is an ongoing project and the team are thirsty for more entertaining ideas, so if you’ve got a great new idea, no matter how big or small, silly or serious they’d love to hear from you – so why not share your idea here.

Enabled by Design loves the re:think project. It’s fun, warm and passionate about making those little changes that mean so much – just like EbD! It just goes to show that design can be used in very real and positive ways to make people’s lives easier, without losing the aesthetics or fun.

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